Coteaux du Layon Faye

Sweet Wines - 2017

12 € /unit

This full-bodied sweet wine will reveal itself if you dedicate some time at tasting it.


The vines are located in Bellevigne-enLayon (Faye d’Anjou) around the estate on the Noëls''hill. The soils are maily made with schist from the Noël’s hill. The only grape we use to produce this Coteaux du Layon is Chenin Blanc.


The grapes are handpicked , mandatory to benefit from the Coteaux du Layon designation. The harvest period is normally set in October, but that can be later if the grapes aren't ready.
Chenin has to be overripped when picked up and shows a purple colour. It also develops noble rot due to humidity in order to be concentrated in sugar. We also call this raisined grapes due to the wind.
We need to sort out grapes several times in the same parcels to pick up the best fruits. The grapes are then put in bukets and these buckets poured in a dump truck vehicle. The dump truck vehicle gently brings the grapes to the winepress trying no to loose any juice. The grapes are slightly pressed before that the juice reaches the vats.


Fermentation and ageing process take place in thermoregulated  stainless steel vats. At the end of the ageing period, we are blending the wine from each vat and each harvested parcel of Chenin to obtain a well-balanced Coteaux du Layon. Bottling takes place 8 months after the harvest, between March and June depending on the quality of the wine.

Duration: 7 to 10 years


Sweet white wine. Brilliant and golden colour, earning deeper tints of gold while ageing. The wine texture is thicker and denser due to the high rate of sugar in the bottle.
Aromatic notes of exotic fruits, acacia and quince on the nose. On the palate, aromas of honey and riped fruits varying over the years while ageing. Scent of figs and grapes dried in the sun.
Light acidity on the palate but nice lively ending.

Tasting temperature: 8°C to 10°C
Sommelier's advice:

This sweet wine is to enjoy fresh between 6°C and 8°C. It will be perfect as an appetizer or on cold starters as foie gras. Best pairing with duck for main course, blue cheese or goat cheese will be softened after your course. For your desert, nice touch of sweetness to end your meal.

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