Anjou Villages

Red Wines

A beautiful volume, intense tannins for a lovely red wine


The vines are located in Bellevigne-en-Layon (Faye d'Anjou). The parcels have to be located in the village where the estate is to benefit from the "Villages" designation.
The soils are made of clay and sand.
Anjou Villages specificity is to be made only with one grape: Cabernet Franc (100%).


The grapes are handpicked in October and put in buckets. The buckets are then brought to our dump truck.
The dump truck brings the grapes to the winepress where, thanks to this mechanism, the fruits can gently come down in the winepress.


The fermentation and maceration process for the Anjou Villages is a bit longer than for the Anjou Rouge.
It lasts about 25 days for the first period of alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel vats.
Then the next step of maceration and ageing is done in thermoregulated vats, no barrels at all.
The wine is bottled at spring time the next year.

Duration: 3 to 10 years


Dry and tannic red wine with a deep intense velvet red colour, darker than the Anjou Rouge one.
Riped red fruits intense aromas on the nose.
Round and soft on the palate with coffee and vanella notes. Aromatic red fruits intensity.

Tasting temperature: 12°C to 18°C
Sommelier's advice:

To be served around 14°C.
Pairing well with red meats, winter pies and strong old cheeses.

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