Anjou Gamay

Red Wines

15 € /unit

Discover Gamay in another way, with the special Anjou softness


The parcels are located in Bellevigne-en-Layon (Faye d'Anjou and Thouarcé).
The soils are made of clay and schist.
Anjou Gamay is only made from one grape: Gamay Noir with white juice.


The grapes are picked up mechanically with a dump truck vehicle on defined parcels.
Our tractors then bring the grapes to the estate.


When the grapes reach the estate, they are not going to the winepress. Indeed, they are undertaking a special process of fermentation.
The grapes are all going in a big tank to macerate in full bunches for at least a week. It allows the flavours and the tannins to come out gently as the grapes have not been pressed yet. Acidity will be less important and the wine will be softer.
The grapes are then taken out from the tank and sent to the winepress. The grapes are gently pressed before that the juice can go back to stainless steel vats for the second fermentation and the ageing process.

Duration: 2 to 5 years


Anjou Gamay is a light and fresh red wine. It has a deep red colour with purple hints. On the nose we find subtle red fruits flavours and a softened velvet texture. Very soft and fruity on the palate. Slightly bitter at the finish.

Tasting temperature: 10°C to 14°C
Sommelier's advice:

Best to be served quite fresh (between 8°C and 10°C). The wine can even get in the fridge before the meal at summertime. Pairs well with deli meats, white meats, barbecues and light cheeses.

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