Anjou Blanc Promenade des Noëls

White Wines

Another Anjou Blanc made from Chenin perfect to be enjoyed at any time !


The vines are located on our Coteau des Noëls, in Bellevigne-en-Layon (Faye d'Anjou).
Schisty soils bring freshness and structure to the wine.
This cuvée is also made from one grape, which is Chenin Blanc.


The grapes are handpicked in October, they have to be in between the grapes we pick up for the Anjou Blanc but a bit overripped also, just before we begin to pick up the grapes for Coteaux du Layon. It is what gives this wine the particular taste and tannins. The best fruits are genuinely sorted out to get the best juice. The cuvée is called Promenade des Noëls because we had perfect conditions and weather for the harvest on our hill.


After the winepress, the juice is sent directly to oak barrels. That is the main difference with the classic Anjou Blanc.
All the fermentation process takes place in these barrels, from the alcoholic fermentation to the ageing period.
The wood is going to bring a different taste to the wine, to balance the tannins and the flavours.
The wine will stay for 6 months in the barrels before being bottled. Just before the bottling, we will blend the wine from the different barrels to make it smooth and well-balanced.

Duration: 3 to 10 years


Dry white wine.
Yellow colour with brilliant green tints.
Very floral nose with boxwood aromas and exotic fruits.
Very intense on the palate, we taste overipped fruit. It is also smooth and well-balanced.
At the end, we can feel a hint of bitterness which charaterizes dry white wines.

Tasting temperature: 12°C to 18°C
Sommelier's advice:

To be served between 6°C and 10°C.
Best pairing with Loire fishes, seafood and scallops.
To be enjoyed on its own as an appetizer also.

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Anjou Blanc Promenade 2018

Anjou Blanc Promenade 2018

Anjou Blanc Promenade 2018 from Domaine des Noëls